Bartending Services

The perfect bartender for your event.

Economy DJ Bartending Services
Economy DJ has several certified bartenders on staff. We will meet with you and help you determine what kind and how much liquor, beer, soda, water, cups, ice, napkins, straws and garnish you will need for your event. Our staff will show up with everything you need to pour any type of drink you or your guests desire. You supply the alcohol and the space, we do the rest while you enjoy your party!

Rental Includes:
Ice Chest(s) for your beverages
Mixing tins
Drink Service
Signature Drinks
Large and small containers

Economy Bar

Economy DJ has several certified bartenders on staff.

Portable Bar & Sink

Portable Bar and Sink

Table Beer Buckets

Table Beer Buckets
Portable Bar and Sink along with Table Top Beer Buckets

LED Lighting

Led Lighting Red
Led Lighting Blue

LED Night Lighting really sends this bar over the top and is available at no extra charge.

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